Signs it’s Time for an AC Tune-Up

Weare feeling the first bits of warm, spring air which means one thing. Summer is right around the corner. We all know how bad a summer scorcher can feel. This is why we recommend staying one step ahead of the weather and scheduling an AC tune-up as soon as possible. However, some homeowners kick on their AC at the start of spring and think nothing of regular maintenance. Here are some signs it’s time for an AC tune-up.

You Feel Warm Air

Did you turn on your AC for the first time in a season and feel warm air flowing out? We don’t need to tell you this is not normal. Not only will this add unnecessary expense onto your utility bill, but it also adds extra stress to your HVAC system. And to top it all off, your home isn’t getting any cooler. There are more than a few reasons why your AC might be blowing warm air. They range from the simple, thermostat problems or a dirty HVAC filter. To the more complex issues, think frozen evaporator coils or a refrigerant leak. Either way, it’s best to schedule a tune-up ASAP if you feel warm air coming from your vents. An HVAC professional will be able to diagnose the problem and let you know next steps.


Hearing Any Strange Sounds?

The only sound you should be hearing from your HVAC system is well, nothing beyond a slight whoosh or hum. Most modern systems are engineered to not make a lot of racket. While most noises are a flash in the pan, they go away after one or two instances. Lingering sounds are not something you should let go on for too long. Screeching could be an indicator of a refrigerant leak, while squealing could just be from a loose belt. As with most other things, sounds can run the gamut from no big deal to major danger.

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