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It should be serviced a minimum of once a year, with periodic inspections up to 4 times a year. We suggest scheduling a consultation with us.

An air conditioning system that needs recharging of refrigerant on a regular basis is leaking and needs repair.Leaking refrigerant causes your unit to lose cooling capacity and use more energy.
The most efficient methods involve using heat generated by the air conditioner itself to cause the unit to run long enough to remove more moisture from the air. If your building is too humid or too dry,An HVAC tech could check if your system requires maintenance.
The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your Air Condition system is to have it regularly serviced by a professional tech.
If you’re considering installing a new air conditioning unit, you’ve probably run across many rating acronyms on the sales literature. Request a Quote
1.Upgrade to a newer high efficiency air conditioning unit. 2.Have your AC system regularly cleaned up and tuned up. 3.Choose ENERGY STAR labeled systems.
Turn the air conditioner off. Leaking water can damage your home and start mold, mildew, and bacteria problems. The unit should be equipped with a safety float switch, if you can not find one call us to schedule a time to install one for you to protect your home from water damage.
The best air conditioning system that will provide optimal comfort levels in your home, while saving you money on your electric bill is a high efficiency system.
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